Dear traders,

Last time I wrote about EURUSD.

Since then, the pair has gone down almost 500 pips before recovering a few.

Currently, the technical outlook is a lot less bullish than it was when I last wrote about it.

It does not mean the pair has run out of steam.

More likely we will probably experience just a slowdown.

Will I do anything?

Well, for now there is not particular reason for that.

One thing I have noticed is that the price is standing just around a major demand zone.

This might get spotted by new market participants soon and lead to a change in bias.

So, possible bullish move on the horizon, but before that we will need to get confirmation from price.

GBPUSD Trading Analysis 21.07.2021

I am looking at the GBPUSD.

It certainly looks more bullish than last time.

The price is positioned just around a major demand zone.

There is a pin bar candlestick on the daily chart.

I will reveal a little secret.

We’ve been long since this afternoon in my day trading room.

I took a long intraday trade (based on my day trading strategy), which is turning into a swing trade.

Here is the trade👇🏽


Even though this trade is already standing at roughly 1:7 as per my day trading strategy, I believe there is a chance for another re-entry.

But before that happens, I would ideally be looking for the price to come back down a bit and form a candlestick confirmation pattern on the 4H chart.

So far, the technical look bullish, but this might change at any point in time.

Happy trading,

Colibri Trader


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Sometimes two break-even trades are better than one barely profitable trade.

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