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Started an MSc in Finance and Investments- as if it matters, right :). I want to emphasise that what has played a crucial role in my life has never been a degree or license in something. They are somehow important, but what has really helped me to be where I am at right now was “skin in the game” or real-life experiences. Don’t forget that you are the best person to learn from! In 2009, I already had over 5 years of trading experience and quite a few trading failures. Question is “Did I give up?”

Atanas (a.k.a. Colibri Trader)

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“Since I joined your trading course I have been profitable. Looking at the chart of my P/L more than proves that I have finally found a way to consistency. Thanks for all your mentoring.”
– Harry (Harry took the course back in 2016)
“I have joined in February and since then have seen double digit growth. It’s almost unbelievable what Colibri has helped me achieve with his trading course.”
– Dan (Dan joined the trading programme in 2018)

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Technical analysis and price action are extremely popular tools in trading. Colibri Trader also discusses the psychological aspects and places a lot of emphasis on trading discipline and money management. Colibri Trader is extremely generous with his time and knowledge and he never let me alone in this hard and long trading journey. I can finally see all those efforts materialise into profitable trading. Thank you so much for sharing all that and always being there for us!

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Fanny Csts 30 April At 16:07

Colibri Trader offers probably the best trading education online. So much amazing free content and a great trading course. Colibri Trader’s Price Action Method is probably the best trading system I have ever tested. Thanks for sharing your trading skills with us! I am forever grateful!!

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IIja Isaac 30 April At 16:26

It’s not the method, it’s the mentor. Colibri is very patient to reply each of my emails. Looking back, many of my questions seems to be stupid questions. But with colibri’s guidance, now i am able to see what trading is all about. Not only with trading, but also with life. Trading teaches us to know ourselves better. And colibri teaches us how to be a better us. Thanks Colibri!

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Marco Chan 30 April At 17:19

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C. Erekson United States

23 Jan 2021

All traders should have this.
This should be one for you collection no doubt about it.

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Lloyd Stuart United Kingdom

02 Jan 2021

The Holy Grail.
I really enjoyed this guide to trading. Very well written and explained in the eyes of successful trader.

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yannick pereira India

14 Feb 2021

Nice Read, concept wise… Brilliant! Excellent read! Must read for a new reader with year experience!

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Kevin United States

05 May 2021

The Bible of price action. The concept are short and to the point. Changed the way I looked at charts.

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Daniel United States

15 Aug 2021

Great tool for traders. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource for those of us that are struggling with consistency and profitability. This is a book that I find myself going back to often.

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A_Rossi United States

06 Sep 2021

Excelente. Muy buenos graficos y explicado.

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Ghost to Ghost United States

05 Apr 2020

Great book. The information has been deconstructed in a way that you will learn it quick and easy. I liked so much the book I bought the courses!

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Dimitar T. United Kingdom

15 June 2019

Enlightens. Great insight into market you don’t normally get from other books.

A few last thoughts on my trading straight from the trading community…

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GregK Today at 10:16 AM

My DAX trade was stopped for +224 points in profits 😃

Author's image

jakka Today at 10:16 AM

That was a f….. good trade. Well done

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rocaramal 06/09/2021

oh okay I was having doubts. No problem! thank you! I’m learning a lot from watching your trade analysis here. It really helps me to better grasp the concepts presented on the course
I must tell you, the way you see these trades and how it works is mind blowing

Author's image

thePerceptiveTrader 08/11/2021

appreciate your effort and your purpose of giving back. Thats really what this life is all about. Theres no price for that

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Bitzer 10/06/2020

Nice work, showing the true power of patience

Author's image

Lars K 10/05/2020

Thing of beauty 😍

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Jean 12/02/2021

I just want to say, your day trading course is awesome. I am spending far less time that I use to day trading. Started testing the strategy with approx 62usd this week. I am now on 628usd

Author's image

Aston 12/02/2021

Never had this kind of success in day trading indices

Author's image

Bradsuccess Today at 3:46 PM

You make it look so easy 😬. What a good trade.

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