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Getting started is more important than becoming an expert: People love to debate minutiae, but when it comes to investing or trading it’s better to take action even if that means not taking another trade.

You have to let go of toxic trading beliefs: Many of us have internalized ideas about trading that are just plain wrong. Acknowledging and letting go of your invisible hand-brakes can radically change your behavior around profitable trading.

Don’t just treat trading like a business: Everyone talks about not risking more than 2% per trade, but almost no one teaches you how to accomplish that. Our philosophy is simple: markets are probabilistic NOT deterministic, so we tend to cut BAD LOSERS mercilessly and methodically by following a SIMPLE SYSTEM, while the winners take care of themselves. Point.

How do I get started with trading with price action?

7 Price Action Tips That Work

In line with the 10 Price Action Tips article that I have written recently, I wanted to give you some more relevant tips. I will go even deeper and give you some more details on…
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The Best 8 Price Action Patterns

Price action patterns are a leading part of every modern trader’s trading arsenal. In this article I will walk you through 8 price action patterns that have really made a difference in my trading. I…
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10 Price Action Trading Tips That Will Help You Become Better Traders

It is really difficult to say if one type of trading is better than another. What matters is which type of trading fits your personality. Profitable traders will agree with me.
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See The Market Through Price Action or 7 Misconceptions About Successful Trading

The ABILITY to see the market as it is, instead of how you WANT it to be (or FEAR it to be), is one of the secret skills of the SUCCESSFUL trader. Price action is one of the best tools to help you stay objective.
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