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About Colibri Trader

Having spent the last decade trading, including two of the leading Prop Trading Houses in London, I have been persistent enough to be sitting next to some of the biggest traders in the London and probably worldwide. Throughout my career, I have traded on the futures markets. I have also traded FX majors and CFDs for my own trading accounts. In the prop trading companies I have worked,  I have specialized in trading mostly DAX futures and a few major FX pairs. My trading style has evolved into using mostly price action strategies for taking trading decisions. Additionally, when trading the futures markets, I have also used order flow and market profile. In the end of the day, trading successfully comes down not so much to a specific trading strategy, as to great discipline. I believe that almost any existing trading strategy could be converted into a winning one if the right money management skills are used and the proper trading discipline.
Lately, I have decided to dedicate my spare time to other aspiring traders and involve them in my trading strategies in an enlightening way. I believe that the best way to learn trading is by trading, but sometimes other traders’ experience is an invaluable tool for reaching our goals. No signal or trading strategy on this website should be taken as a financial advice, since the unpredictability of the financial markets can drive performance up, as well as down! Past performance is not related to future returns in any way, and thus should not be considered as indicative. Let’s begin a journey together to a CHARTED territory in an unconventional way! 







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