USD/CAD Trading Signal Traders

The trading signal from last time was excellent. Indeed, the trading signals from the previous time has been incredible. We have seen some of the stocks in the list I have given rise over 70%. On average all of the gold/silver stocks I have outlined went up significantly. The S&P500 trading signal was pretty successful, as well. Market participants are taking a short break and I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a small correction. Looks like we have reached our first target. So, the more conservative amongst you have probably already taken their profits. Although, I have just closed half of my position. What I am looking to do is to possibly go long again once I see a small correction in price. I will be looking for an entry from the short-term time frames like 4-Hours. I am always having a great trading week after I have taken a break for a short time. Check out my latest break and how I have enjoyed life away from the trading desk here.

Today’s trading signal is coming from USD/CAD. I can see price settling above a strong support level at 1.3700. There was a pin bar at a previous session and now an inside bar has formed. I am going to go long at around 1.3740. My stop-loss would be placed just under the level of 1.3600. My first target is the level of 1.4000. From then on it all will come down to price action.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader

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