AUD/USD Trading Signal Followers

I am happy to share with you my trading insights. The past week has been extremely profitable on all of my trading ideas. Some of the mining stocks ideas I shared with you have already returned over 70%!!! That is an insane return and I have taken half of my profits, while letting the other half run. Regarding my currency trading alerts, the USD/CAD has performed satisfactorily so far and is now showing some bearish signs. A small rejection could be seen on the daily time frame. This might make you close out half of your long position. On the other side- the S&P500 trade has been on a great run and as I expected last week, a small correction is on the way. I have taken all profits from this trade already.

Today I am looking at one of my previous trades- AUD/USD. I was long in this pair and took half of the position, while letting the other half run. Now, I am considering scaling in and opening a new long trade here. One of the confirming reasons is because there is another pin bar on the daily time frame. I would like to go long at 0.7140. my stop would be placed just under 0.7050. My first target is the level of 0.7400.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader

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