Dear S&P500 and DAX Traders

The signal from last time gave really good results pretty fast. I was short GBP/JPY and the first target has already been met. For the more risk-averse traders amongst you, this could have been a great opportunity to take fast profits. On the other side, for the longer-term orientated traders, this trade might still be running. Just be aware of the small bearish rejection that formed today. The imminent support level has helped price to bounce off and I believe we might see a correction up to 185.00 and only after that see more selling pressure.

Today, I am seeing strong buy signals from the indexes worldwide. The most striking opportunities that I have noticed are coming from S&P500 and DAX. I am going to open two positions in both of these indices. I am looking to place my stops just under the daily low at both trades. My primary price target for DAX is at 10,650 and then 11,000. My primary price target for S&P500 is 2050 and then 2085, depending on price action.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader

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