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Today’s signal is coming from S&P500. I am looking at the daily timeframe- there is a pin bar that has formed on a minor support area. Looking at the 1 Hour chart, I can see the same pattern. A lot of hesitation and bearish rejections around the support level (as shown on the screenshot). I will be looking to enter in a long trade at around current market price or if we see a retracement down to the level of 2093- this would be even a better entry for minimising our downside risk. In the end, what is important is to be in a trade that we believe is going to score us good points.

S&P500 Trading Signal

Looking at the 1 Hour chart all I can see is more bullishness in the days to come. My primary target is the area between 2125-2130.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader

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