AUDJPY Trading Analysis




Dear traders,

Last time I walked you through a potential USDJPY trading setup.

There was a bearish rejection candle, which formed on the daily chart. There was not a bullish confirmation from the 4H chart and price went straight down.

The trading range was a meagre 100-pips. I believe the summer season has “drained” the liquidity from the markets and left us with peanuts.

That is why, as I have warned my followers, August is probably the worst month for trading and you should be enjoying yourselves in a hot place.

That way you will be better off than just trying to catch a move when there is none.

There was a bit more action on the German markets, but I did not manage to really take advantage of it. I guess the summer is taking its toll on me, too!

AUDJPY Trading Analysis


Today I am looking at the AUDJPY. After that speech above, I am curious to see if this pair will grab more attention than the USDJPY counterpart.

I believe we are about to experience a bear trap and a price-bounce.

After price went just below this major support level at 80.500, it formed a bullish engulfing pattern and then experienced a second day of bullishness.

Currently, I am looking to see a potential retracement towards 80.600 and then a bullish confirmation from the 4H chart.

If I don’t see exactly what I am looking for, I might decide to just skip that potential trading opportunity.

Time and price will show me the way 🙂

Happy Sunday,

Colibri Trader


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