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Dear followers,

I have been following the DAX since I wrote about it this Sunday. I shared with you a few posts on my Twitter page.

Funny enough, everything went according to plan with this instrument, but I did not trade it.

For the traders that are following me on Twitter, you probably know why.

For the ones amongst you that are still not following me there (although I strongly recommend it >> my Twitter account) here is what happened.

I was looking to enter in a long trade after the daily inside bar.

Then I started being slightly biased waiting for a certain pattern to occur. As it did not, I stopped looking for other patterns and that is why I did not see the inside bar on the 4 H chart, which led to a very strong bullish behaviour.

Check out my thread of tweets below:

USDJPY Trading Analysis


Second tweet:

USDJPY Trading Analysis


Last tweet:

USDJPY Trading Analysis

As you can see from the sequence of tweets, I missed an obvious trade opportunity.

Although a mistake, I do not regret not taking this trade. What matters most is not to be chasing DAX like a mad dog. Now, I am sitting back and waiting for the next trading opportunity, which happens to be…

USDJPY Trading Analysis

I have been watching this currency pair today and it bounced off a minor intraday support level.

The daily candle is a bearish rejection – pin bar candle. I am looking for a potential retracement towards 111.25.

Depending on the 4H chart, I might go long if I get a confirmation.

Currently, this pair looks more bullish than bearish. I am looking at the 113.500 as a potential place for a reversal or a profit taking level.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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