EURUSD Trading Analysis


Dear traders,

Since I wrote about the potential short indication on DAX (Germany30), this index has gown down about 350 points. Currently, it is still standing below the potential entry point.

I am seeing a bearish rejection candle, which bodes well for traders, who are looking to go long. Although, there is no major support or resistance area, so I believe it is more likely to see a continuation of the downtrend.

All in all, mixed signals, which tell me only one thing: DO NOT DO ANYTHING FOR NOW.

EURUSD Trading Analysis

On the other side, there was a lot of positive activity on the EURUSD front.

Initially, I missed a great trading opportunity to go long here. There was an inside bar just below the major support level at 1.1300.

This formation was apparently picked up by a lot of institutional traders and after a few more trading sessions it evolved into a 4-piece bullish engulfing pattern (as shown in the screenshot).

I will be looking for a small retracement towards the 1.1350 area and then looking for a bullish indication from the 4H chart.

There might be a major reversal point on the chart, which might lead the price higher to the next major resistance level at 1.1800. Therefore, there is a high potential trade that might be forming currently.

Happy Sunday,

Colibri Trader


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