Dear Trading Signals Traders

Today, I have decided to talk about three different trading signals that I have spotted at the end of the trading session. With the end of the month approaching, I am looking at the monthly candle, as well and thinking of possible ending scenarios. A lot of you would ask yourselves the question- why am I looking at the monthly candle. First of all- it is the end of the month and a lot of hedge funds and other big players are looking at the bigger picture. The candle includes the activity of the previous 20 or so trading sessions. It is a great “grand total” of the trading activity of the previous month- therefore, a very important confirmation of any daily timeframe trading signal.

Coming down to the daily timeframe, it looks like we have a few trading signals coming from EUR/USD, DAX and DOW30. Let’s have a look below:

                  EUR/USD- Pin Bar Buy Signal                        

eur/usd trading signal

DAX- Pin Bar Sell Signal

dax trading signal


DOW30- Pin Bar Sell Signal

Dow trading signal

I will be looking for an intraday entry on these signals, since the Daily range is too big. I will be looking into my intraday strategy and try to minimise the risk.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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