USOIL Trade Setup

by: Colibri Trader

Dear Traders,

I am back from a short trip. I wanted to share with you my Friday observations. Before that, I am going to come back to the trade setup from last time. There was a bullish pin bar on the Daily gold chart. As we can see, there is no clear sign of the trend slowing down. I managed to get in as I expected, but unfortunately closed down all of my positions before my short trip. At the same time am not considering re-opening my long gold trades, because now the risk:reward ratio does not seem favourable. If I was in my long position, I would have kept it open though. It seems like gold might break through the current resistance and head towards the 1300 handle. I will continue monitoring, but seems like gold is on a bullish ride.

USOIL Trade Setup

The setup I am watching this morning is the USOIL. It seems like that oil is getting ready for a dive. I am seeing a bearish pin bar on a resistance level. I will probably be looking to enter in a short trade around 47.15 if the market conditions are favourable. Thinking of placing my stop loss probably above 47.80. My first target could be the level of 45.80 (very low R:R). Depending on how the price reacts to this level, I might consider the next target, which in my eyes is 45.00. If a lot of buyers do not show up, oil could easily go down to 42.00. I will continue monitoring this instrument and decide what to do later in the day.


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