USOIL (Crude Oil) Trading Analysis


Hi all,

It has been a while I have not shared any trading analysis here, but was busy with the creation of a new project, for which I hope to be able to share in a few months.

The last two trading ideas that I shared with you were on DAX and Gold.

I am still on the same page and managed to get into a DAX trade, but since we have reached the 11800 support level am starting to get a bit more hesitant.

I would like to see if price confirms or rejects this level and to decide if I should stay in my current short position or exit it.

USOIL (Crude Oil) Trading Analysis

Today I am also seeing a potential setup on the crude oil market. It looks like the daily candle is a rejection and possibly will get more buyers to queue up this wagon 🙂

I would ideally like to see price retracing back to 58.50 before taking any trades.

If price goes back to that level and confirms it with a price action candlestick, I might considering going long.

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