USDCHF Trading Analysis




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Sometimes it is hard to analyse trading instruments, especially when the market is not giving any indication for a potential setup.

Last time I wrote was about the DAX. It has been on the rise since then. I managed to enter in a long trade. On my second attempt to go long, I was stopped out.

This still leaves my first long trade on the table.

Market professionals should be like patient hunters waiting for the best opportunities to appear before taking action.

For now, I will leave my trade run unless I see some discouraging signs from the daily timeframe.


USDCHF Trading Analysis


Today I am looking at the USDCHF.

The currency pair have reached an interim resistance level at 0.9525. It looks like there are two possible outcomes here.

  1. Price break outs and continues its uptrend to the next resistance level at 0.9725
  2. Price rebounds and comes down 0.9425 and then possibly to 0.9200.

I will be following this pair closely and try to find more confirming signals for either one of those scenarios above. So far, there is a long-legged doji that formed on the daily timeframe.

Next day’s candle might be confirming any one of those scenarios.

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