Two Trades That Worked Out Amazingly Well

The last two trades that I took worked out amazingly well. Obviously, FOMC had a great role to play in the large moves across the board. What is more important are the trades themselves. Let’s start by the order of appearance.

Trade #1 USDJPY 

(By clicking on the link above you can see when I wrote about the trading idea)

On the 12th of March I was looking to enter in a USDJPY short trade. Obviously, that was a great trading decision based solely on price action and the trading strategy that I am using. In the screenshot below I am showing how this trades worked out. Once the trigger was hit, the price went just another 20 pips higher before going lower. Then, it went 200 pips down. The great thing from this trade is that the stop loss was very tight (only 60 pips), while the 1st target is a great 160 pips away. Overall- very good 1st price target. Now, let’s see what will happen and whether the second price target will be hit at 111.50.Two Trades That Worked Out Amazingly Well

Trade #2 GBPJPY

(By clicking on the link above you can see when I wrote about the trading idea)

The second trade that worked almost as good as the previous one is the GBPJPY trade from this week. The price went much higher than I expected, but still was around 5 pips away from my stop-loss. Some of you might have been stopped if you placed your stops too tight, but that is the reason that I sometimes place wider stops. Risk:reward ratio on this trade is not as good as the USDJPY trade above, but still worked out amazingly well. The screenshot below is showing you the whole picture. What can be shown with a single picture cannot be contained in 1000 words.

Two Trades That Worked Out Amazingly Well


I hope that this post was more educational than anything else. It is important that we look back not only to improve and say what went wrong, but to tap ourselves on the back. We need to be more grateful for the opportunities that the market offers us.

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