Three Big Trades

by: Colibri Trader

The past two weeks have been tremendous success. Three of my best trades were: GBPAUD, Germany30 (DAX) and EURAUD. You can check them out by clicking on the corresponding links. Probably the best returns have seen the GBPAUD- it went down a staggering 900 PIPS! You can have a look at the chart below:Three Big Trades


Three Big Trades

The next trade I took was a long Germany30 (DAX) trade. It has reached our price target at 11,700, as you can see from the screenshot below. DAX is trading 100 points above our target and what I am looking at the moment is the next psychological target- 12,000. These levels usually do act as a magnet, so I am waiting to see DAX trading in this area. Have a look at the chart below to see my entry and targets:Three Big Trades


Three Big Trades

The last trade I took from this sequence of trades is the long EURAUD trade. It is still revealing and still not showing a sign of fatigue. It is more likely showing signs of momentum increase and getting new buyers along the way. You can have a look at the screenshot below for a memory re-fresh:

Three Big Trades

Again- markets have been good to me recently and now is a good time to switch off for a bit. It is usually a good practice to show your appreciation and gratitude towards markets and market participants by taking a break and giving the chance for other traders to reap some profits.

Thank you for following me and happy trading!




Colibri Trader


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Last but not least, I wanted to share with you a great thought by Einstein I have just read:

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

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