NZDUSD Trade Setup

by: Colibri Trader

Dear Traders,

The trading setup from last time did not act as expected. Crude Oil continued the slide and is currently trading at 46.80. Seems like there were not enough buyers to sustain a rally. I was down about 60-70 pips on a trade I took. Still not a lot compared the the whole move. Currently, it is standing in no-man’s land and I am not thinking of touching it for the time being.

NZDUSD Trade Setup

Today’s trading setup is coming from NZDUSD. I am looking at a potential long entry. The daily candle is a nice bullish engulfing. As you can see form the chart, it is just above the support level at 0.7200. I will be looking for a short retracement and possibly a long trade. My hypothetical stop would be placed just under 0.7200. As a first potential target I am looking at 0.7500. That is where the major resistance is and we will need to see a lot of buyers coming in to turn this one down.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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