Germany 30 (DAX) Trading Analysis (SUNDAY)




Dear traders,

Before I proceed to my Sunday analysis, I wanted to walk you through my past few analyses.

In my previous GBPUSD article, I was sharing with you that even though the daily setup looked like a pinbar, I would not have taken it because it was in the middle of a trading range and the general trend was bearish.

I did not also consider shorting this pair, because of the close proximity of the support level at 1.3250. Price has now touched this level and I am still avoiding doing anything with this pair.

It might take some time before we have a confirming indication from GBPUSD.

In the article preceding the GBPUSD article, I wrote about Germany 30 (DAX). There was an inside bar on the daily chart but I missed the first potential trade (as indicated), because the SL was too large.

I then waited for another price action confirmation and it came just a couple of days later.

The first trade I took was based on a 4H pinbar. There were a number of other potential trades that came along in the next few sessions, some of which I managed to take as well.

Germany 30 (DAX) Trading Analysis


Germany 30 (DAX) Trading Analysis

Today, I am looking at DAX again. The instrument printed an inside bar just below a minor support as indicated on the major screenshot above.

I am still bullish, even though this is giving us negative connotations. I am looking for a potential retracement towards the 12975 area. If there is another bullish confirmation or bearish rejection candle, I might take another long trade.

If, on the other side, I see price retracing lower than this level, I might reconsider closing my open trades.

Ideal scenario would be if there is a pinbar that forms on the daily timeframe. Then, the inside bar from Friday would be rejected and this would give more way for the bulls to come in.

Happy Sunday,

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