GBPUSD Trading Setup

The ECB left rates unchanged at 0%. The QE program has not been extended beyond March 2017. We saw a mixed trading session today.

By: Colibri Trader

The trading setup from last time did probably get you stopped out. Although I have placed my stop loss too close, I believe that we might see a big surge of buyers, since we are just above multi-month support level. This means that although the entry was not extremely precise, it does not mean that this is not a turning point. I will keep on watching this pair for a better entry. The daily candle now is an inside day and it could be the right one. Still, I would prefer to not try to rush back into another long trade, but patiently monitor it. For the ones amongst you that are still long, I do not see a reason to close your long positions.

GBPUSD Trading Setup- Today’s trading setup is coming from the GBPUSD. I can definitely see a strong resistance level being hit. As the chart implies, we are just below a multi-week resistance level.  On top of that, we have two bearish candles fully engulfing the previous bullish candle. This is reflecting the overall bearishness and the possibility of a short term downtrend. I will be looking to enter in a short trade tomorrow if I see the price coming up to the level of 1.3318. I will be placing my stop just above the highs of the previous two sessions at 1.3450. My first target will be the level of 1.3200. The secondary level is 1.3000. I can understand if this is not the right risk:reward ratio for a lot of you, so you might as well consider waiting for another better trading setup in the near term.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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