Dear EUR/USD Trading Signal Traders

The trading signal from last time did not work out as expected. I have hit my stop loss and then just let the pair find a support level. It looks like the pair is going to rise from the current levels of 1.4254, but I would like to concentrate my attention on another currency pair.

The EUR/USD trading signal is looking promising today. The pair went down slightly off the recent highs at 1.1350. The candlestick formation from today is a bullish engulfing pattern. It looks like a support has been hit at 1.1150 and the pair is going to rise further. I am looking to see more bullish attention towards this currency pair. I will be looking for a small correction towards 1.1187 and will go long. My stop loss would be placed just under 1.1050. My first price target is the level of 1.1350. My secondary price target depending on the price action is the level of 1.1600. 

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader

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