Dear EUR/USD Trading Signal Traders

The signal from yesterday has started to materialise nicely. The pair has already risen about 50 pips. There is no trading signal from price action point of view to exit this trade. On the other side, the DAX signal that I wrote about earlier last week starts to show some exhaustions. I have exited my trades according to my intraday trading system today. I will re-consider going long in case I have a confirmation from the daily timeframe.

Today’s trading signal is coming from EUR/USD. The pair has been hovering above the support level at 1.0800. Today, this pair has bounced off from the support level and culminated into a morning-star candlestick pattern. The candle from today is engulfing the previous three trading sessions adding even more positive emphasis. Therefore, I would be looking to go long after a small retracement at around 1.0900. The stop-loss should be placed just under 1.0800. The first price target is the 1.1000 level and then 1.1400.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader

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