Dear Successful Traders

I have decided to share with you my amazement with an incredible EUR/USD intraday analysis of a consequence of successful bearish engulfing patterns, some of which I took myself. As you can see from the chart that I have uploaded, there are 11 bearish engulfing patterns on the 4 hour chart. From those bearish engulfing patterns, none would have been stopped out. In general, I am not a fan of analysis, but sometimes we can learn a lot of things from analyzing a previous trend or reversal.

From this EUR/USD 4-hour chart we can see that all of the bearish engulfing patterns have worked out perfectly well. It was a big move and obviously we can see a few things that might be important for future strong bullish/bearish environment. We can conclude that:

1) In strong trending environment price action on lower time frames works really well

2) You should not go against the trend under any circumstances

3) You should be patient and wait for big trends instead of trading every signal that comes along

4) You are learning every day something new

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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