EURJPY Trading Setup

by: Colibri Trader

The last trading setup was a potential short GBPJPY one. There was a very good formation on the intraday chart, which lead to a small short trade on my side.

I might have entered a bit prematurely, but price action will show.

Especially the 144.00 level will be a great test. If I see some rejections there, I might be more hesitant leaving this position to run any longer.

EURJPY Trading Setup

Today, I have spotted another possible short setup. Not very surprisingly, it is coming from the EURJPY pair. The daily chart has printed a rejection and I will be closely inspecting the intraday (4H) chart.

Together with the Thursday’s candle they form a bearish engulfing formation. This is giving further confidence to the short sellers.

I will wait for price to open and see how it will react to the 130.50 level. If I see some sort of rejection or confirmation of the short setup, I might take action.

A good target for this hypothetical trade is 128.50. Depending on price action, the move can extend down to 125.00.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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