Dear DAX Trading Signal Traders

by: Colibri Trader

The GBP/USD trading signal from last time did generate quite a few pips. The price was testing a few times the first price target and couldn’t break through it. I secured my profit just a bit below the first price target level. Now, GBP/USD is entering into a choppier area and is hard to really say which way it will go. That is why I believe the best thing to do at the moment is to walk away from this currency pair and concentrate on something else that is giving a good trading signal.
I find such a fit on the DAX market. There is a small bearish rejection, which culminated into a pin bar. In fact, it has formed after a pin bar, which even further confirms my bullish view. DAX trading signal is making me look to go long around the level of 10040 and place my stop just under the level of 9920. The first price target for this trading signal is at 10180. After that- it all depends on price action and how the market participants will react to these levels.

Happy Trading!

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