BREXIT in 7 Facts- A Proof of What BREXIT Did For Only a Few Days (Infographic)

According to our research, BREXIT could lead to detrimental consequences in the long-term. What has BREXIT brought to the UK in the short term?

by: Colibri Trader

In the following infographic, I will reveal what has the BREXIT brought to the UK… and not only. The effects of the EU leave have been felt throughout the world. Control has been finally “taken back” and the first reaction has been negative by the markets around the world. Although some of the markets worldwide have partially corrected the move, a lot others are still in a bleeding state. Does that mean that we are going to face another major recession? Are UK and EU facing a new challenge that will evolve into avalanche of market turmoil? Are we going to see more referendums and will the BREXIT be the ultimate decision? Is it wrong to discount the possibility of a humiliating, and yet welcome, Breversal?

Let’s try to recap some of the major impacts of the BREXIT on the global markets:

Brexit in 7 facts

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