AUDUSD Trading Analysis

by: @Colibritrader

Dear traders,

Last week I did cover AUDUSD. I shared with you my thoughts on Twitter and through an article on my blog. I took a small long trade and have already exited it.

I might be wrong or possibly I am right, but the reason why I did exit this trade (as usual) is price action.

If you remember, when I wrote the article I was looking at a major support level and the price was just making a new low, which was looking like a false breakout.

This bear trap was confirmed by price action and I took a long trade according to the steps explained in my trading course.

Supply and Demand Zones

AUDUSD Trading Analysis

So, why did I exit my trade?

That is a very good question, to whom it will be quite hard to answer.

This is one of those places where you are not sure if you have entered a trade too early or have gotten into the wrong trade, because the general trend is against you.

One way or another, I believe I did the right thing because price action is certainly showing me mixed signals.

  1. There is a minor resistance level as marked on the chart
  2. There are to bullish rejections (pinbars) that formed on the Daily chart

Based on these price action indications, I prefer to be neutral.

Bear in mind that I am still not looking to go short. I believe that the distance between the major support level and the resistance level that was just rejected is too small for a meaningful trade to take place.

I might be wrong, though.

The major reason why I could be wrong is that AUDUSD has been in a downtrend for a while now and this might give the sparkle for further slides.

If that is the case, then traders might be waiting for a small retracement back to 0.7540 to short it.

For now, I am not going to take any course of action. I will just continue monitoring price action and if the right setup presents itself might trade it.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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