EURJPY Trading Analysis


by: Colibri Trader


Hello everyone,

It has been a great day for EUR-shorts and DAX-longs. I was away from the screens today, so definitely missed these great moves.

DAX showed a couple of rejections on the Daily and there was a good entry opportunity at the 4 Hour timeframe. Anyways, as I like to say “turn your back on missed opportunities and look for the next one”.

EURJPY Trading Analysis

It looks like EURJPY might be just ripe for a bearish reversal. The daily timeframe has just touched a minor resistance area. There was a big bearish engulfing candle that formed at close today.

This is going to push the attention of the short-sellers towards this pair. On top of that, the bearish engulfing pattern is engulfing two candles, which is even a stronger indication of the negative bias.

Tomorrow, I will be looking for a retracement towards the 133.50 level, or around the middle of the candle. Depending on price action, I might consider shorting EURJPY. A possible target might be the first support level at 131.75. Secondary target could be the level of 128.00. It all will come down to price action!


Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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