Dear traders,

In my last trading analysis, I was waiting for the EURUSD to continue its bullish path.

As a matter of fact, this is what happened.

EURUSD dipped slightly before continuing to raise.

In my trading group, I have managed to enter into a long trade based on my day trading strategy.

Here is the trade from today, which I shared with the members of my trading room.

EURUSD 5 minute chart from the trading group

In the above chart, I have explained the steps I have taken today.

My trade is still open and let’s see what I expect to see from the trading sessions to come.

EURUSD Trading Analysis 27.04.2021

There is a pin bar candlestick that formed on the daily chart.

The price is located just below a major supply zone as indicated in the chart.

I am waiting for the price to reach to this level and then either break through it, or reverse.

There is no way to know that in advance.

Price action will either confirm or disprove those scenarios from above.

Currently, the landscape is more bullish than bearish and I intend to continue holding my long EURUSD position.

Happy Trading,

Colibri Trader


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